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Sunday, 23 March 2008

All Change at Downing Street

Good news from Downing Street. After months of bad PR, Stephen Carter (the PM's new Director of Strategy and Chief Advisor) finally seems to be getting to grips with the government's media strategy.

Old members of Brown's cabal are leaving and the Downing Street team is getting re-organised and streamlined.

This is good news. After the disaster of the non-election, it seemed odd to me that Brown was relying on the advice of some people who were clearly not up to the job. Whoever is in charge needs people in Downing Street that are loyal, competent and able to plan strategically for the long term. Some of Brown's acolytes couldn't think beyond the next headline.

His team is also full of policy wonks, intellectuals and bright young things - people who are on a mission to change the country. Great in itself.

But what is missing is someone to sell Brown plc. Carter's background and experience in PR should help to fill a massive hole and provide the government with the sort of communications and strategic planning that is sorely missing.

Brown's team desperately needs more women too. Sue Nye (Director of Government Relations) is a rare example. A more diverse team, with a range of different backgrounds and professional experiences would provide better, more thought through advice. It might also help to undermine the macho political team that Brown has built up around himself over the last twenty years.

A better team and more sophisticated communications will help convey the government's good policies and positive message to the electorate.

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