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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Ice cool Sarkozy

Is it just me or do other people actually really like Nicolas Sarkozy? I know this might be deeply unfashionable but I actually think he is quite cool. Apart from being one of the most "unique" leaders in the world right now, he also seems to be making all the right sounds when it comes to Britain, the US and Europe. And he approaches everything with this amazing energy and drama which makes him quite exciting to watch.

Seriously, I think his idea of a stronger European defence pillar within NATO is perfectly sound. I wish Blair had been able or willing to make more headway on this after he signed the 1999 St. Malo agreement with Chirac. Alas, it seems nothing else much happened between the two countries but I hope now we can begin to beef this up a bit. Gordon Brown should agree to Sarkozy's policies on this in return for some reform of the Common Agricultural Policy or the speeding up of the Lisbon Agenda. I hope France re-joins NATO's command structure too.

It remains to be seen though, how much he can reform France. While he says the right things about reform, it still seems to be painfully slow. I will give "cool" Mr. Sarkozy the benefit of the doubt for a bit longer.

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Bobdog said...

I was wondering about this same question this evening. He is quite cool in a cool baddie sort of way. And to be honest, most of his views that make my leftie hair curl are routinely shared by my left-wing French friends. Sending a text during an audience with Pope Dracula is definitely cool.