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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Clinton casual with the truth (again).

Brown seems to have taken my advice and opted for a compromise on the forthcoming Embryo Bill. He is going to allow a free vote on some of the most controversial aspects of the Bill while imposing a three line whip on the second and third reading. This seems a neat compromise and entirely sensible. It is right to respect the consciences of MPs and it avoids the Tories using the issue as a way of embarrassing the government.

Across the Atlantic, Hillary Clinton has yet again demonstrated how casual she is with the truth. Hillary had claimed that she was greeted by sniper fire when she arrived in Bosnia as First Lady in the late 1990s. However, TV images of her arrival show that instead of being greeted by rebels with guns, she was in fact met by school children and local villagers. You cannot believe anything this woman says - she is so unauthentic. Further evidence of her unsuitability for the Presidency.

Meanwhile, the latest Gallup poll in America shows that after Barack Obama's sensational race speech last week (it is one of my favourite videos - see below) he has gone up in the polls. You can read the results here. He is on 47% compared to Clinton's 45%. Although, it is only by 2 points and well within the margin of error it shows that the pastor row has not damaged him too much. If you haven't seen his speech yet, you should. It was a brilliant speech that managed to turn a damaging news story into a broader story about race relations in America. Beautifully written, delivered with conviction and passion and most importantly authentic.

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