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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Pennsylvania Debate

I watched the final televised debate between the Democrat candidates last night with increasing frustration.
The presenters seemed more interested in whether Obama wore a lapel pin of the American flag than his policies on Iraq or the economy.

Shame on George Stephanopoulos because he should have known better.

George has always been something of a hero of mine since he ran Clinton's election campaign in 1992 and then went on to become Director of Communications in the Clinton Administration.
Some people say that the character Rob Lowe played in the West Wing was based on George.

But as one of the questioners last night he was awful. A real shame that it took 45 MINUTES before he asked a single serious policy question.

As it turned out, Obama's answer about the flag was okay but the debate probably ended in a draw between both candidates. It really is down to the final slog now for Tuesday and the Pennsylvanian Primary. Obama has already managed to slash Clinton's lead right down (46% to 40%) so over the weekend that figure could improve.

On an entirely unrelated matter - the results of my survey are in. I asked "Which is your favourite cheese?" The answers were:

Cheddar - 19%

Brie - 47%

Stilton - 19%

Wensleydale - 14%.

I think this shows conclusively that as a nation our favourite cheese is French. I don't know what this means but I think it is pretty significant.
Andrew Jackson would never have had French cheese in his White House.

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TP said...

What it means Al, is that the people reading your excellent blog are all trendy Islington lefties, who wouldn't be seen dead consuming a packed block of Cheddar. They need to spend a few weeks in the real world. Munching carrots.