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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Talk of a leadership change is rubbish.

Tony Blair used to joke that every week was supposedly his worst week or his hardest week yet, if the media was to be believed.

Well, this week has been another horrendous week for Gordon Brown. And the media is full of it.

Brown met the Olympic torch but refused to touch it. He announced that he would not be attending the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing but he would go to the closing ceremony instead, leaving everyone confused. And according to most insiders, his meeting with the PLP last Monday was an absolute disaster.

Three columnists this week (Martin Kettle, Matthew Parris and Polly Toynbee) have likened Mr. Brown to the magician behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. When you draw it back the is nothing there. Is that really the case? Is the great Shakespearean tragedy of it all, that Mr. Brown has plotted and schemed his way to the top over the last ten years and now that he has got there he doesn't know what to do?

If that is the case, then we are in serious trouble. It worries me that three very different members of the commentariat are beginning to think so. Kettle and Parris even suggested that Brown might be out after the May local elections.

But, I think its too soon to start talking about a change of leadership. Some Labour backbenchers need to shut up and stop panicking. A lot of them need their heads examining and some common sense instilled. I know they don't know what its like to lose (well I don't - I don't remember what it was like prior to 1997) but they are beginning to shake the boat unnecessarily. There is still time for Brown to make an impact and get things together. For all his faults, I remain confident of his abilities and conviction.

He doesn't have long, but talk of a change of leadership is hysterical nonsense.


Bryan said...

I understand your frustration at the media's attempt to kill-off Brown over the last two weeks. But i wonder are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the political cycle, which all political parties must ride. In which case, Brown's premiership will be quivalent to that of Alec Douglas-Home(1963-1964)who took up the reigns after a long tory strecth in Downing Street. I wonder who the Brown camp will blame then? Cheap U.S. mortgages or a well-known inhabitant of Connaught Square?

Alex Finnegan said...

Oh I am sure they will manage to pin this on Blair somehow.