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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Edwards backs Obama

John Edwards endorsement of Barack Obama yesterday could not have come at a better time for the Illinois Senator.

It helps to drown out Clinton's crowing after her primary win in West Virginia on Tuesday.

It will play well with the white working classes who have so far failed to respond to Obama's message, but who warm to Edwards.

It gives Obama a further eight votes (I think) in the delegate count.

And finally, it should help persuade more superdelegates to come over to the Obama camp.

Whether this signifies a "deal" over the Presidential and Vice Presidential ticket I am not sure. Edwards brings neither experience not an important state with him. Although, he can reach voters Obama can't, he may still be able to do this without being the VP candidate.

I think Bill Richardson would be better as VP candidate. He can bring Latino votes and the South-West. Or someone older with experience. Perhaps a Joe Liberman type figure? Although, this might be wishful thinking.

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