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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Frank Field Apologies

I have a lot of time for Frank Field.

He is often a lone voice on the Labour backbenchers.

But he was first to spot the mistake of the 10p tax rate and I admire his determination in successfully trying to get it changed.

However, he let his criticism of the Government become deeply personal at the weekend when he criticised Gordon Brown.

All the better then that he apologised directly to the Prime Minister today in the House of Commons. He admitted that he got carried away.

I think this is pretty honourable and decent. And the PM accepted his apology with good grace. A nice, albeit short, moment of reconciliation in Parliament.

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Doug said...

Frank Field's often stands up with a certain deal of principle, eg over the welfare reform in 97/8.

However, he's quite an awkward difficult personality who i suspect has a slight bitter side. I don't think his comments about GB were particularly out of character.

I hate the way he has been lionised by people like you for being "the first to spot" it. Any one who a) cared and b)could add up realised 45 seconds after GB's announcement last year that the 10p abolition would hurt a lot of people.

Gideon Oz was both a) and b) and was left speech less and showed waht a lightweight he was. The Tories didn't mention it agian until Crewe. Why did Labour Mps not kick up a fuss at the time when the issue could be more easily dealt with?

Well some were b) but the vast majority were a). a) because the thing they care about, even more than people on low wages, is power for the sake of power. Brown was (initially) popular so they went along with him, including his 10p.

They were the real villains of the whole thing.