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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Time for Hillary to Go.

Hillary Clinton's dismal showing in the Indiana and North Carolina Primaries last night, only goes to show that she does not have what it takes to win the nomination. The fact that today she has lent her campaign a further $6.4 million is further evidence of her dwindling fortunes.

Hillary has run an impressive campaign. She has shown tenacity and backbone - qualities that are needed in American politics. Her impressive grasp of policy and detail also shows what a consummate, experienced politician she is. She and her supporters should be proud of the campaign they have run thus far.

But, it's now time to get out.

She can not possibly win the delegate vote and her only chance of getting the nomination is to win over more superdelegates than Obama. A task which is difficult in itself, if it were not for the fact that Obama has won the popular vote too.

Her scorched earth strategy of throwing everything at the Obama campaign plus Bill Clinton's remarks about the Senator's race also mean that come the General Election, there will be few African-Americans willing to vote for her. The Democrat Party has not won an election in fifty years without African-American support.

The fact is that while Hillary does appeal to blue-collar, white Democrat voters, this section of the electorate is getting smaller and smaller and no longer crucial to Democrat success. Obama's coalition of the young, African-Americans and undecideds represents a greater electoral realignment and the only hope for a future Democratic victory.

If Hillary stays in the race, she is in real danger of doing irrevocable damage to the Party, ruining her own reputation and most importantly harming the Democrat Party's chances in November.

The longer she stays in the race, the more it begins to look like a mixture of ignorance, desperation and hubris.

My advice to Hillary: Get out gracefully and do it now.

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