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Monday, 2 June 2008

Clinton is History

Hillary Clinton celebrated her primary win in Puerto Rico yesterday where she picked up 68% of the vote. This means she adds another 55 delegates to her total count, Barack Obama received 14. But it is a Pyrrhic victory. Puerto Rico is not even a full member of the Union and it doesn't get a vote in the general election in November. Her win is meaningless. Obama was right to stay away and spend his time - and most importantly his money - elsewhere.

South Dakota and Montana, where Obama has been campaigning, hold the final primary elections tomorrow. Obama looks set to win them meaning when the delegate votes are combined, he will have the final victory.

If it is true that Clinton intends to take her campaign to the super delegates then this would be a grave mistake. As I have said before, it would tear the Democrat Party apart and give the Republicans a great opportunity to expose their divisions. Remember, political parties that are divided invariably lose.

Clinton must be exhausted and her campaign is certainly broke (a $20 million deficit by all accounts). However, she can still wield influence by getting Obama to sign up to her health care plan and maybe take on some of her staff. After all, this would be a good way to show that the Party was united. But surely, its now time for her bow out.

Her campaign is surely history?

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