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Saturday, 28 June 2008

More Malaise and Misery

There was more misery for the Prime Minister this week.

No one expected Labour to win the Henley by-election but to slump to fifth place, behind the mad Greens and the vile BNP was a crushing blow for him and the Labour Party. Mr. Brown claimed "by-elections come and go" but perhaps he shouldn't be so sanguine. It's a sorry state of affairs when Labour falls behind the BNP - the first time that has ever happened to my knowledge.

The resignation of Wendy Alexander as Leader of Scottish Labour also puts further pressure on the PM. I liked Alexander a lot, but her resignation has had an air of inevitability about it for some time and her departure leaves a gaping hole in Labour's Scottish leadership.

A Guardian/ICM poll mid-week showed Labour lagging around 20% behind the Conservatives and I have just learnt that there is to be a by-election in Glasgow East. Expect Labour's majority of
13, 507 to evaporate overnight. A win for the SNP or the Liberals is not out of the question.

All in all it has been another bad, depressing, gloomy, pitiful week for the Labour Party.

If Brown has a good summer and comes out of conference stronger maybe just maybe things will turn around. But I am left wondering whether the point-of-no-return has already been reached and no matter what happens or what the PM does nothing can turn it around. In my heart of hearts I think this is the case.

By the way, I received my ballot paper through the post today for elections to the NEC. If anyone can tell me anything about any of the candidates I would be grateful. I have no idea who to vote for.

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