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Friday, 25 July 2008

Obama the Rock Star

Obama's campaign trip to Europe has been a stunning success.

Addressing a crowd of 200,000 people in Berlin yesterday, Barack Obama looked every bit like the leader of the free world. If this doesn't give him a bump in the polls, I don't know what will!

For those watching, it must have felt like being in the presence of a rock star. The location was perfect, the crowd excited, the candidate on top form.

And the speech did exactly what it was supposed to do i.e portray Obama as the antidote to the unilateralism, arrogance and machismo of the Bush years. We did not need any more policy detail than this.

Some of John McCain's aides thought it looked like a "premature victory lap" or evidence of arrogance and ambition.

But I think we can pretty much take it for granted that anyone running to be President has a certain amount of arrogance and ambition. Not always such a bad thing.

And as for the "premature victory lap," I think Obama took a big risk coming to Europe but it paved off. The images being beamed back to homes in the United States show Obama as the statesman he is, engaging with people and showing true leadership. Not the kind of bullying hectoring Europeans have grown accustomed to under George Bush.

Politically, the trip helped Obama steal McCain's thunder and although I think this election is going to be closer than many people think, I expect Obama's Berlin speech will play very well with voters at home.

If Obama runs his White House like he runs his campaign, we've got eight years of excitement, innovation and leadership to look forward to.

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