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Monday, 4 August 2008

Cabinet Meetings in Bognor Regis

Beware the Cabinet roadshow coming to a town near you.

The Government announced today that from September onwards some Cabinet meetings would be held in cities and towns around the country.

Apparently, this idea has been cooked up by the Communities Secretary Hazel Blears and is popular with the Prime Minister who hopes it will be a chance for him to reconnect with voters. It could be called the "Listen and Learn" tour.

Apparently, the last time a Cabinet Meeting was held outside Westminster was in 1921 when Lloyd George took his Cabinet to Inverness. He resigned as leader the next year and the Liberals have been out of power ever since.

No doubt some Tories will argue that this is pure gimmickry and tokenism. Would they be wrong?

Probably not. This is a nice idea but it will not make a blind bit of difference. If they just end up having a Cabinet meeting behind closed doors in Bognor or Blackpool then what's the point? And would you really want one of these grinning faces meeting you down the local precinct? I think I would prefer it if the Cabinet stayed in London and got on with the business of governing.

Some people might say that was a novel idea. I couldn't possibly comment.

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