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Friday, 1 August 2008

Conservative MPs Break Expenses Rules

The Wintertons are one of Westminster's most loathsome political couples.

Nicholas Winterton, MP for Macclesfield and Anne Winteron, MP for Congleton, are the types of Tories who think they were born to rule.

Each one of them has courted controversy since they were first elected. In the past, they have made ill-advised comments about the Morcambe Bay cockle-pickers and "joked" about Asian people.

Most recently, the Parliamentary Standards Commission found them guilty of breaking the rules when it came to expenses. Over the last six years, they have siphoned off nearly £140,000 of tax-payers money claiming rent on a flat they had already bought outright and finished paying the mortgage on.

Even David Cameron called their actions "indefensible."

And Anne Winterton recently had the temerity to question Gordon Brown's morals at PMQs. The cheek of her!

The Winterton's claim that they did not know they were breaking Parliamentary rules when it came to expenses. They hoped to avoid paying inheritance tax - typical Tories!
But when will MPs learn that the onus of responsibility is on them to know the rules and act accordingly? They have a moral duty to pay the money back.

Of course they will never do this. Even now, they refuse to reveal details of their expenses, in direct opposition to the expressed wishes of their Party leader.

Seeing them on Granada TV tonight trying to justify their actions, I was reminded of all those sleazy Tories who think that the tax-payer actually owes them something. What an odious couple. So long as the Conservative Party allows its MPs to act disgracefully like this without taking action to reprimand them, David Cameron's argument that he represents a new type of politics should be taken with a very big pinch of salt.

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