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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Another shake-up at Downing Street

Gordon Brown's Chief Strategist, Stephen Carter, is to be sidelined in a further shake up of operations at Number Ten.

It is another ominous sign that Gordon can't get a grip of his Downing Street team.

Mr. Carter was and is a welcome breath of fresh air. But, the PM's plunging popularity and the government's low opinion poll ratings show Carter has been unable to turn things around.

It doesn't instill confidence.

It doesn't inspire hope that the government's relaunch today will be a success and it doesn't suggest Gordon can dig himself out of this hole.

If Carter had been allowed to get on with his job, instead of facing all that sniping from Brownite hacks, he may have stood a chance.

As it is, Brown has no one else to blame but himself.

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Timmymc said...

I wonder whether this is that Gordon just doesn't listen to his advisors? He employed the best PR team possible, yet his PR image remains dreadful. If they can't help him, who can?