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Monday, 22 September 2008

Labour Conference - Part Two

On Saturday night, I tried to cram in as many parties as possible. C’mon I am allowed to!

I started the night off with a Young Labour reception. My friend and colleague Olivia Bailey, a member of the National Policy Forum, has finally got the Party to take seriously the issue of “Votes at 16.” It looks like it will be in the Party’s next manifesto. Great news! So the Young Labour reception was buzzing with success.

The Prime Minister turned up and seemed very high spirited. He gave a good, relaxed speech thanking Labour Youth members for all their work. Note: few Labour MPs or politicians ever thank activists, particularly the young ones (who they regard as dispensable), so it was nice that the PM did.

After the Young Labour reception, I went to the New Statesman Party. It was a great opportunity to hobnob with all and sundry. Then I finished the night at Labour’s LGBT Party on Canal Street. It seemed like the whole of the conference had descended there – really relaxed, inclusive and informal. I staggered home at 4am.

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