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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rebels attack Brown

"Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me."

Poor Gordon Brown.

The last thing he needed as he was preparing for his conference speech this weekend, was to fight off a backbench insurrection.

It has all the echoes of the "September coup" that he mounted against Tony Blair a few years ago. Et tu Gordon.

I admire Siobhain McDonagah. At least she has had the courage to nail her sails to the mast and call publicly for a leadership contest. For someone so loyal, it must have been an agonising decision. At least, she is not another one of the mindless backbench Labour lemmings refusing to face up to reality, marching headlong into political oblivion.

It is quite clear now that for all the good measures announced over the past few weeks in energy policy and housing, none have had the seismic effect necessary to stop Labour's slump in the polls.

I may have waited until after the Labour Conference to see if Gordon could turn things around and I am still inclined to do this.

But more Labour MPs seem to be calling for a leadership contest and this morning the Business Secretary, John Hutton, refused to condemn them.

Even if you vehemently disagree with the Labour rebels, their actions have further destabilised and weakened the Prime Minister. It is hard to see how you row back from all of this.

I suppose like many Labour members, I am still in two minds about the best course of action to take. I am deeply frustrated and annoyed with the government and the Prime Minister but I am yet to see a credible alternative - hardly a ringing endorsement for Brown I know.

What infuriates me the most is those MPs who are happy to sit there and eek out another two years of salary and benefits, knowing full well that they will eventually lose their seats, but unwilling to take action now to prevent it.

The Labour Conference next weekend is going to be brutal.

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Fed up said...

Perhaps Lehman Bros have saved Gordon's bacon, ironically. If they hadn't gone to the wall, he would have been even more on the rack by now.
He could always try and curtail the conference so he can escape from Manchester before the rebellion gathers more speed - oh, he's already done that, I gather.
At this rate, we will be lucky to get half an hour in Gmex before Gordon is away as fast as his legs can carry him.