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Monday, 6 October 2008

Back to the Future

The return of Peter Mandelson to the Cabinet has generated widespread criticism.

Some MPs have rightly pointed out he is a divisive figure. Other have called it a classic case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

But, I think it is a political masterstroke.

Peter Mandelson has formidable political talents. He is probably the best political strategist of his time.

He can provide focus and direction to a government which sorely lacks it.
He has impeccable media firefighting skills - a quality, incidentally, which Margaret Beckett also has.

He does not underestimate the Tories - he understands them - which few in Brown's inner circle do.

His political renaissance has improved the quality of the Cabinet by about 100 per cent.

He will be a strong voice in the government for the New Labour project which has won this Party three General Election victories.

It is a political gamble, but when you are twenty points behind in the polls, what do you have to lose? On this occasion, Brown is right to take a risk.

It could of course go horribly wrong. But as the Tories might discover, it could go horribly right.

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