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Friday, 28 November 2008

The Cream of the Crop

Barack Obama is filling his Administration with former LSE Graduates, so the FT reports today.

According to the newspaper, there are more LSE graduates about to become Obama Administration figures, than any other university except Harvard.

I think this is quite interesting. Most American students who make it to LSE tend to be highly educated, latte-drinking, liberal, international-looking, fashionista lefties who like to party.

President John F Kennedy was a General Course student at my old university, for example.

What does this tell us about who Barack Obama will surround himself with?

Well, I think it probably shows a President who has a diverse selection of friends and advisers. Smart, liberal people, with different backgrounds who have spent time abroad and probably have a background in economics – quite helpful, you would think, at the moment.

Maybe, this will encourage even more Yanks to come across the pond to experience the joys of a LSE education!

1 comment:

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

You had really started to win me over - until you mentioned Latte drinkers. Now I am worried that it is all froth..or is that Al Pacino?
Gordon will need to get them on to PG tips.

Never mind at least it is the end for the Coffee Republican leaving that sinnerman well shaken.