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Friday, 21 November 2008

Hillary for Secretary of State!

If the rumours are to be believed then Hillary Clinton will be offered the job of Secretary of State by Barack Obama this week.

She should take it.

There are strong reasons why she would be the best person for the job.

First, she is qualified to do it. Her knowledge, experience and judgement make her the best candidate.

Second, she demonstrated her energy and ability in the gruesome primary campaign. It marked her out as an important and serious political and intellectual street fighter in her own right. She would be a strong advocate of American foreign policy abroad – helping to take on America’s foes and win back its allies.

Third, she would be competent. She has an excellent grasp of the issues and her experience working in the Executive and the Senate will help her to navigate “foggy bottom” (the State Department).

These reasons easily trump a) the sense of dynastic politics that would be created by her ‘return’ b) the foreign policy differences with Obama that she exhibited during the primary season and c) the argument that she isn’t enough of a change.

President-elect Obama has already united his Party, but by bringing Hillary on board he gets unconditional support from the second most powerful Democrat in the country. Together, they look like the sort of strong team that would enhance America’s profile abroad and reverse President Bush’s disastrous decisions.

On a personal level, Hillary should heed the lesson of F. Scott Fitzgerald: “there are no second acts in American lives”.

With Barack Obama looking like a two-term President (fingers crossed), Hillary would be past her prime in eight years time and she isn’t mad enough to challenge him in 2012 anyway. She had her go and she didn’t do it. There are no second chances in politics anymore. So the best she can hope for, if she really wants a “legacy role” is to take the job of Secretary of State and do it well.

It would be a mistake for her not to.

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