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Friday, 12 December 2008

The Barclay's are the new Christmas Scrooges

Are these two men the new Christmas Scrooges?

The Barclay Brothers, owners of the Telegraph, have taken umbrage with the people of Sark for voting against their chosen candidates for election.

Sark was until yesterday Europe's last remaining feudal kingdom. But the one hundred or so inhabitants of the tiny island in the middle of the English channel voted in their first democratic election yesterday.

And because they didn't vote for the brother's candidates, the Barclay's have decided to pack up and close their businesses on the island including all the hotels and restaurants that employ local people.

One hundred people are expected to lose their jobs, in the midst of a credit crunch, right before Christmas.

Who do they think they are?

They remind me of the "William Randolph Hearst" character in 'Citizen's Cane'.

I hope the people of Sark manage to withstand the Barclay's pressure. What a vile pair of sharks!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is right? I haven't seen this in any newspaper. I thought the Barclay Bros were the ones who were pressing for an end to feudalism and the introduction of elections? And who won anyway - not that it's relevant to the point you make - and who did they want to win?

Alex Finnegan said...

Yes, I am afraid its a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Admittedly, the brothers did campaign for Sark to become democratic, but when they didn't like the results they decided to shut up shop.

Their preferred candidates were all pro-business, pro-Barclay. Nothing wrong in itself, I know. But you have got to respect people's wishes. It seems petty and vindictive for the Barclay's now to turn around and close their businesses - forcing people to suddenly become unemployed.