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Monday, 23 February 2009

Brown: A drag on the Ticket?

A new Guardian/ICM poll published today shows that two thirds of voters believe Labour would do better under a different leader.

Only 28% believe he is best placed to lead the Labour Party into the next election, compared to 63% who think the Party would do better under a different leader.

But a change of leader ain't going to happen.

The Party had its chance to swap leaders last summer and chickened out - rightly or wrongly. I don't think the Party has the stomach for it now. So that means Gordon Brown is not going to go anywhere. To his credit he will shrug this off and get on with the job but the findings will undermine his authority even more and encourage some of his more foolish colleagues to carry on with their barely concealed leadership campaigns.

The poll also shows that support for the Tories has flatlined at 42%. This might bring some comfort to the Brownites but remember the Tories don't have to do well, they just have to sit there and wait for the government to collapse.

I am at a loss to know what to do about figures like these. The Prime Minister has tried numerous different approaches, with little or no result. What can he do to turn this around? There have been so many attempts at rebranding excercises that they are just not working and anyway the problems run deeper than that. The electorate simply lacks confidence in the government.

Most worryingly Labour now lags behind the Tories on the issue of the economy by six points. Not good. With the economy the single most important factor at the next election Labour should be deeply concerned.

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