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Thursday, 19 February 2009

My favourite writers...

With Barack Obama now firmly ensconced in the Oval Office, I wanted to say something about two of the best writers who have covered the US election from start to finish. I have been glued to their daily and weekly reports.

Andrew Sullivan, on his blog
The Atlantic and in the Sunday Times and Michael Tomasky in the Guardian were early Obama watchers. They spotted his talent and predicted his success, while the rest of the rest of the press pack were still obsessed with Hillary and the whole Clinton drama.

I wouldn’t say they shared exactly the same beliefs but what they do share in common is a lack of cynicism about the political process. A lot of hacks treat politicians with barely concealed contempt and vice versa (deservedly so in some cases) but Sullivan and Tomasky seem to have a genuinely healthy respect for politicians and US politics without being too deferential. This makes their writing free of the usual ‘bitchiness’.

They are also impeccably fine writers – frequently witty, clever and of sound judgement. Andrew Sullivan was even named one of the world’s most influential blogger’s recently.

I’ll stop going on now - you get my drift – but I would encourage everyone to read them.

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