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Monday, 9 March 2009

Mandy Gets Gunged

Leila Deen, the woman who gunged Lord Mandelson last week, has just blogged on

Firstly, good for for letting her blog. She’s written a thoughtful piece about the way women are represented in society. Plus, she is a different voice from the usual suspects and that’s a good thing.

But, I don’t think this should excuse her.

What she did last week was neither clever nor thoughtful it was just yobbery pure and simple.

Mandelson was on his way to a summit on how Britain could achieve a low carbon economy. His Department has just launched an industrial strategy for delivering a low carbon economy – which includes things like electric cars, energy efficiency measures and renewable technology, all stuff any self respecting Green should care about - and of course Deen ignores all this.

There’s nothing funny about this type of stunt. Its puerile, silly and a waste of time. It’s also the politics of punishment. She didn’t like the decision Mandelson made over Heathrow (a decision I disagreed with as well) but she thought she would throw green custard over him. Did she think this was going to change his mind?

No, of course not. She wanted to embarrass and humiliate him. I am not sure I like her motivation.

He popped up two minutes later in a new suit with a big grin on his face so the only person who was embarrassed was her.

Not big. Not clever. Just Plane Stupid.


Robert said...

I have to agree first nobody knew why she had done it. But in the end if he had done something worth while like start a war then fine the sad twit has done nothing nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

she is a stupid bitch