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Monday, 23 March 2009

The Tories Haven't Changed

Where's the evidence that the Conservative Party has changed?

Tomorrow, the Justice Bill returns to the House of Commons where it will seek to make it illegal to incite homophobia.

The Tories have already voted this amendment down THREE times before.

When the Bill was in the House of Commons, only five Conservative MPs supported the ban on inciting homophobic hatred.

In the House of Lords, when the Bill was there previously it was wrecked by some Tory nutter.

And when it went through the Committee stages in the House of Commons earlier this month, all of the Tory MPs on the Committee voted to remove the amendment.

Some of these Tory MPs think it will stop the odd comedian telling a joke or two. It won't. That's not its purpose. It is designed to make it an offence to bully or abuse people because of their sexuality.

The Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles might think its funny to make jokes about gay people but there is absolutely nothing funny about inciting hatred of anybody. Foolish people with half a brain might laugh at 'gay' jokes but really they are just another way of bullying people. I remember similar arguments being made when laws were passed that banned incitement to racial hatred. There should not be any double standards.

If you needed any evidence that the Tories haven't changed one bit you should take a look at their actions over this.

Compassionate conservatism? Now that is a joke.

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