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Monday, 13 April 2009

Brown is responsible for McBride

There's not many people within the Labour Party who will lament the loss of Damian McBride.

His actions have brought the Party into disrepute and led to huge reputational damage. It is only right that he goes.

Its not like we should be surprised though. McBride has pulled this sort of stunt before, only this time he was directing it at the Tories rather than his own side. No wonder there were so few in the Labour Party willing to defend him. Not for nothing did he earn the nickname, McPoison.

McBride's suggestions for attacking the Tories, which included sexual, emotional and professional smears reveal a deeply flawed, nasty character. People like him are not fit to serve the Prime Minister or the country.

Of course, politics is a blood sport with plenty of rough and tumble. And if you can't dish it out or take it, then you won't last two minutes. But this is the politics of the gutter and it has no place in our system.

McBride and the rest of Brown's cabal are bullies and thugs who think that politics is a big game, one huge joke, in which its all about 'getting one over on the other side'. There's not even a semblance of high minded principle of reason with these folks about.

I am very surprised that Draper, a trained therapist, would find it funny that jokes were being made about the emotional state of George Osborne's wife. Even if this were true, which it isn't, where is the compassion or humanity on display here?

Tony Blair never would have and never did surround himself with advisers who thought this sort of behaviour was acceptable. They didn't plunge to these sorts of depths.

So what does it say about Brown? Well, it once again reveals his Jekyll and Hyde persona. A man who can be so moral, purposeful and good can also resort to the type of political skullduggery and smearing that Richard Nixon would have felt comfortable with.

The Tories want Brown to personally apologise and I think he should. McBride wasn't just a 'here today, gone tomorrow' adviser. He had been with Brown for over a decade and was immensely powerful.

Brown is responsible for McBride's actions because he has presided over a culture at the Treasury and in Number Ten which has allowed this sort of politics to develop. And in that sense he is to blame.

It is a dreadful day for the Prime Minister and a dreadful day for politics.


Anonymous said...

Very well said

Andrew Williams said...
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Andrew Williams said...

I agree completely.

However, this ultimately might have some positives for Labour. It might prevent them from running an entirely negative general election campaign (like Crewe and Nantwich writ large). Entirely negative campaign tactics don't work - just ask the Tories.

Tony P said...

Negative campaigning DOES work - it did for us in 92, partly. And political history is littered with examples of how it has worked both in the US and here.
What doesn't work are juvenile unprincipled disgraceful smearing of opponents - there is a difference.
Negative campaigning against the Tories would concentrate on their complete lack of policy and substance. That's fair game. What McBride did, is not.
However Andrew is right - what people want is a positive vision of Britain and how it is going to come through a global recession.
Sadly, Brown seems incapable of doing that.