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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Alan Milburn Stepping Down

I have been on holiday the last couple of weeks hence the lack of blogging.

But I did consider Alan Milburn's decision to stand down at the next election, announced yesterday, as further evidence that senior people within the Party have given up on Labour winning the next election.

This isn't a criticism, merely an observation. John Hutton and Alan Milburn have both concluded that they are done with front line politics and don't want to spend another ten years slugging it out on the opposition benches. They have done their service so I can't really blame them.

I think both are quite creative thinkers so it's a bit of a loss for the future. But it can also be a window of opportunity. Fresh blood and fresh thinking is what's required - a new generation of Labour activists to take the Party forward - so it's no bad thing that one or two of the Party's top brass calls it a day.

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