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Thursday, 4 June 2009

For the love of God, Go

It is clear to many of us that Gordon Brown must go. He has neither the character nor the policies to see us through to the next election. As long as he remains Prime Minister a Conservative election victory is more likely.

It is for this reason and for the sake of the Labour Party and the country that Gordon Brown must go.

He should resign or be pushed.

He has no vision for the country.

He is not trusted.

He is not liked.

He is not competent.

And he is not respected.

It is time he went.

He is simply not up to the job.

James Purnell’s decision to resign to force Brown’s hand is very brave. He has been prepared to put his reputation on the line and for this I applaud him. His reasons for leaving are clear and heartfelt. It is an act of immense honesty. He quits, now Gordon must quit.

Loyalty is an underestimated quality. But loyalty for loyalty’s sake is just plain stupid. And tribalism is ridiculous, when you are heading towards political annihilation.

I hope that all Labour MPs and those that love the Labour Party, like I do, do what is necessary to get rid of Brown. This isn’t about saving your own skins, it’s about saving the Labour Party and as long as he remains in charge the Party has no chance of being rescued.

If we cannot save the Labour Party then we leave the country to face the Tories. This would be unforgiveable. There are many people who depend on a Labour Government and we would be hanging them out to dry if we let Cameron in through the back door.

The rebels are not just the usual malcontents either. Blears, Purnell and Smith must have agonised over their decisions and thought it through hard. We need a leadership election to unite behind a different leader – one who doesn’t have Brown’s personal and political flaws – who can communicate with the electorate, provide us with a vision for the country and reconnect with voters.

If the local and European elections are half as bad as we can expect then the man responsible for this is Brown too. I have not known what to say on the doorstep to defend him. I don’t know what Gordon Brown believes in, I don’t know what his vision is for the country.

It is with a heavy heart, that I urge Gordon Brown to resign.

If he is not prepared to, we – as a Party – must get rid of him.


ThomasFairfax said...

(Perhaps I should have put this post here.ces't la vie)

After last nights procession of MP’s, Media Pundits, commentators et al appearing on Sky or News 24, and claiming that Purnell had done the right thing or as Flint argued, Gordon Brown is the greatest thing since sliced bread, is it any wonder that Labour is in a state of meltdown, and has lost all credibility with the public? “We all want Labour to win don’t we?”
The short answer is of course yes, but it is not that simple. The Labour Party of today, otherwise known as New Labour, is in reality the product of Blair, Mandelson and yes, Gordon Brown. But the “Nu Labour” Party of Blair and Brown (The “Granita Deal” is not a fairy tale.), is not the Labour Party which I supported for many years.
The continuing spread of privatisation, financial support for the Banking system without any public control, the ever increasing state restrictions and controls on civil liberties, and numerous other examples, have more in common with the right of the political spectrum than with any policies which I, and may others, would support.
We have already seen the grotesque spectacle of a Leadership Coronation. As in the “Bad Old Days” prior to the CLPD amendments to party rules, influence seems to have reverted to the PLP rather than the Constituencies, Trade Unions and Party Conference generally. Another “Coronation” would not (and should not) be tolerated by the British people.
No matter who the new leader is to be, Johnson, Harman, Purnell, Milliband or any other name to be thrown into the ring, they all share the same flaw; they are all Nu Labour.
The only way, in my opinion, for Labour to gain any semblance of credibility as a political movement, and restore some confidence in the political system in this country, is for the rank and file of the Labour movement, the members, the trade unionists, Party Conference and other activists, is to regain control of the party and it’s policies offering a clearly defined alternative to the discredited, populist promises of the right.


Anonymous said...

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