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Sunday, 7 June 2009

My Forecast for the European Election Results

Tonight, when the European election results come through, Labour will have performed very badly.

I predict that Labour's share of the vote will be less than 20%. We will be lucky if we hold one MEP per region.

More seriously, in one area at least, we will come behind UKIP. All that money sloshing around Nigel Farrage will have worked. Voters will flock to the fringes and desert Labour in droves. The BNP will do well enough in some areas, probably the North West, to make all of us worry.

Because the elections are proportional, the humiliation will be worse for Labour because the elections mean more.

The results will be more ammunition to those that think, like I do, that Brown must go. They will be an indictment on his calamitous leadership.

Our presence and effectiveness in the European Parliament will be severely curtailed. Our influence in Europe will diminish.

John Prescott on Labour Home blamed a bad campaign. True. But he then rather pathetically focused his attack on Caroline Flint and other current and former members of the Cabinet who he accused of not doing enough. Wrong. It takes more than just licking a few more envelopes and knocking on a few more doors to win John.

You need vision, direction and leadership. Brown did not make a single substantial speech on our membership during the whole campaign. He demonstrated no leadership and his visibility was virtually nil. The buck stops with him.

One more reason why he should go.


Gregg said...

More seriously, in one area at least, we will come behind UKIP.

We came behind UKIP in four areas in 2004 - South West, South East, East of England and East Midlands. In the first two of those, we were also behind the Lib Dems, therefore down in fourth place.

Anonymous said...

there speaks a blairite, or should I say careerite...
Please come back when you are out of nappies.

Joe said...

anon's comment says a lot more about him/her than anyone else

Gregg said...

Good news: We've over-taken UKIP in the East Midlands compared to 2004.