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Monday, 17 August 2009

The Tories would destroy the NHS

The Conservatives are all over the place on the NHS.

Bonkers MEP Daniel Hannan (seen in the picture) should have the whip removed. His actions are unpatriotic and have exposed just how unreformed and nasty parts of the Conservative Party still are.

He is clearly a nutter for comparing the NHS to North Korea.

Michael Gove, the Shadow Education Secretary, should not escape blame either. I think he is one of the most thoughtful and considerate members of the Conservative front bench but he was silly to put his name to a book “Direct Democracy” which argued that the NHS was a “1940s monopolistic structure . . . no longer relevant in the 21st century”.

The Conservative Cornerstone Group also produced a report in 2007 which described the NHS as ‘Stalinist’ and called for a compulsory insurance scheme.

So, is this the progressive party George Osborne alluded to earlier in the week?

Laughable. Indeed.

The row exposes the Conservative Party’s half-hearted commitment to the NHS. Many Tory members share Mr Hannan's views.

I also find it particularly distasteful the way Cameron, every time the NHS is mentioned, has to bring up the subject of his family (like he did yesterday morning). To his eternal credit, the Prime Minister has never done this.

If the polling of their PPCs is to be believed, the next intake of Tory MPs are even less committed to the NHS than this current lot. The British public should be concerned.

The Conservatives are totally divided on the issue. If today it is the NHS, tomorrow it will be taxes and Wednesday it will be Europe. No change.

The problem, as it has always been for the Tories, is that they think 1997 was a blip. That somehow the British public made a terrible mistake and they will finally see sense. It has meant the Conservative Party has never had to reconcile itself to its own failings in the way Labour had to do in the 1990s. It has never had a Clause IV moment. It has never had to change and adapt. This row underlines that.

It remains an unreformed, out of touch, pathetic little party.

David Cameron owes the doctors and nurses who work in the NHS an apology for his MEPs idiotic remarks.

Labour must exploit this mercilessly. We are the party of the NHS because we share the public service values and ethos that the NHS is built on.

I would hammer the Tories on this from now until the Election Day.


Red Rag said...

The lack of policy coming out of Tory HQ is leaving them with a problem. No one knows which line to take on policies. For the first time in many months the spotlight has been on the Conservatives and in a short time they have wilted under the heat. It is not just the NHS where they are sending out mixed signals.Are they the new gay friendly pride walkers or are they the euro tories who get into bed with homophobes? Do they believe in green issues as Cameron keeps saying or do they like the use of freebie helicopter rides like Cameron keeps taking. Labour for the first time in many months have an opportunity to get the Tories on the run, I do hope they take it.

Steven said...

Yes they probably will destroy the NHS. They will do it bit by bit so people will have no choice but to go private, that is if they can afford it of course. Speaking to someone from the Warwickshire Hunt who hangs around with right wing Tories has mentioned that the aim is that the NHS will not survive the coming years. They blame it on costs but what they say its more ideological thought than costs. Simply they don't like the idea of the NHS.

Charles said...

Alex, not too put too fine a point on it, this article embodies a lot of what I think is wrong about politics in this county. 99% of people in the UK believe that healthcare is a right of everyone regardless of their ability to pay, including Tories. What is really sad is that it is impossible to have a sensible debate about the best way to achieve it.

Clearly too many people die needlessly in the NHS, our health performance compared with most developed countries will tell you that. This is obviously no slight on doctors and nurses; no one ever suggested it was anything other than a structural problem. And please leave out comparisons with the US system (if you were thinking of going there), which is the other dysfunctional system in the developed world. We should be asking ourselves why France, Germany, Sweden etc outperform us. And crucially why none of these countries, all with extensive histories of state intervention, have adopted system like ours. You would think if the NHS was such a light unto nations at least one other country would have replicated it, they’ve had 60 years. In fact, the North Korea remark isn’t that ridiculous if you think about it, apart from us it is only totalitarian regimes that run their hospitals by political fiat.

There are many on the Labour side who know all of the above is true, it’s just too juicy of a political football to stop playing with; which is pretty unpleasant if you think about it. If we moved to a French model fewer people would die, and yet Labour keep beating the NHS drum in a demagogic way; it is no different from other elites that use nationalism or religion to cement their power.

It’s telling that you sign off with “I would hammer the Tories on this from now until the Election Day.” Proof if any were needed that power for power’s sake is all the Labour care about. Any sense of fresh think about health or anything else has gone out of the window. Not that any other party have showed much guts; it’s just particularly pernicious to use fear to win an election, straight out a Karl Rove playbook one could say.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of space this whole blog is. It is ill informed and can surely only appeal to the voter who is alrady a labour supporter. The rants and inaccuracies are laughable.
Certainly if you want to carry on paying more taxes for poorer services and government then by all means vote labour. Taxes have doubled since Labour came to power, can you feel the improvements? I ceratinly cannot. Double taxes and the country in a crisis of Brown's making whatever he says. He is the one who encouraged runaway borrowing to fuel and artificial boom. The man and his inept party belong on the scrap heap of history