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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Brown's Best Week Yet?

Gordon Brown has had one of his best weeks in office so far – which is good news for him as we approach the start of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

His address to the UN General Assembly was masterful, right and displayed his best qualities. His spontaneous response to mad dog Qadaffi’s bonkers behaviour won him good will and the support of most sensible onlookers. He looked and sounded like a world leader.

His press conference with Presidents Obama and Sarkozy to talk about Iran was effective as well. It is about time we stopped messing around with this despicable regime and put on a united show. It was good to see all three leaders there but Brown’s strong rhetoric and push for greater sanctions singled him out.

I have even been watching him over the past few weeks on BBC Two’s excellent ‘The Love of Money’ show, which explored what happened during the financial crisis and ended on Thursday night. Anyone watching that could not doubt Brown’s importance to what happened. It is quite clear that he saved this country from a terrible depression, contributed to the rescue of the banks and was the first to encourage a global stimulus which is now helping the world to move out of recession.

Forget this media rubbish about Obama snubbing him too. I know the British media love to write those stories and the Conservative’s Propaganda Chief Nick Robinson worked himself up into a flap about it, but the President is just BUSY – you know, chairing Security Council meetings and stuff like that.

Both leaders can work off the same page without meeting every two minutes to discuss it.

So I was very proud of Brown this week. The UN and the G20 obviously played to his strengths but he handled it all very well. On the eve of conference, Brown should feel happy that he did all he could, which was more than most people expected.

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