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Monday, 5 October 2009

Are the Tories already out of date?

If the Conservatives are supposed to be the party of the future, why did their conference today feel so dated and past it?

Not only did we have to watch Ken Clarke shuffling about in his Hush Puppies, we also had to put up with Kenneth Baker (who was bloody old in the Thatcher Government) droan on. He looked as slimy as he did when Spitting Image used to mock him.

The fact that the conference was obsessed with Europe as well meant the whole thing had a distinct 1990s flavour to it. It was all a bit tired and past it.

Boris Johnson didn't exactly spice things up either. And we can usually count on him to have a good laugh (at).

After admitting to delegates that Manchester was one of the few great British cities he had yet to insult, the Mayor then promptly told his audience that London remained the motor of the UK economy and cities like Manchester were dependent on it. This was surely not the message the Tory leader, David Cameron, wanted northern voters to hear.

It's also untrue, Manchester does very well for itself thanks Boris.

During his speech, the Mayor stuck rigidly to a traditional Tory agenda of tax cuts, free markets and anti-statism. He staunchly defended the actions of city bankers and even moaned about the “communist era free sheet called the Londoner”. The speech felt like it was twenty years out of date.

There was no mention of Europe or President Blair or anything of controversy in what he said. It was all a bit safe and tired and traditional, not the Conservative Party David Cameron has been trying to sell us.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Tories have already become so complacent that they will win, that they have wrapped themselves up in everything they love about the past.

They care not that none of their big policies in Maggie and Major's day achieved anything for the majority of people. For that was never the intention look after the rich and the rich will look after you?

The Tory Conference felt the same because it was the same. Flog the people who are ill, treat the unemployed like a disease caused by public services and set out false hope to the rest in a bid to con them into believing they give a dam.

Welcome to Cameron's new Conservative Party 1981....oops should that be Sorry I was right the first time.

The real good news however is this silly Tory Party can be beat….