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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Where is CJ Cregg when you need her?

Does Gordon Brown have the worst spokesman ever? Asked by the Guardian this week whether the Prime Minister had watched the BBC's Question Time show, the spokesman replied:

"He very rarely watches Question Time. He is often busy on important government matters, finishing paperwork and other government business. He was certainly engaged on government business."

God, I wish CJ was here. On the most important political issue of the week, Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time, Number Ten did not even have a good line to take. They could have used the opportunity to talk about anti-racism or tolerence or multiculturalism but instead we got this ridiculous, flustered reply.

If you want to see how a good press officer should answer a question (and still get across the Government's key messages) watch this:


Theresa J said...

Hear, Hear!
It's the bunker mentality - they can't lift their heads up and see the big picture.

Will said...

worth coming to the blog for that wonderful video clip... thanks Alex! :)

Alex Finnegan said...

That sounds like you mean its the only reason to come to the blog :-(

Anonymous said...

Al, I’m in total agreement with your comments. The Labour hierarchy in their haste to offend nobody seem to be scared to actually commit wholeheartedly to any cause and end up offending everyone in one way or another. Sadly another missed opportunity.
Ged A