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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Gordon Brown's Appearance on Piers Morgan

Gordon Brown’s interview with Piers Morgan on Sunday night is hardly the stuff of Frost and Nixon but I think it worked very well for the Prime Minister and will cause the Tories a lot of worry.

At its peak, the TV show attracted over 4 million viewers (plus all those who saw the heavy trailing on the news channels and in the papers over the weekend). They saw the prime minister open up in a way he has never done before.

It’s no secret that his personality has often been his Archilles’ Heel but Brown was honest and humorous throughout the interview and I thought came across really well. He was certainly more human (and humane) than we’ve ever seen him before.

Very few people could have failed to have been moved when he talked about the death of his daughter, which was handled sensitively by Morgan, or his son's illness. It is precisely experience like this which helps people empathise with him.

It is only right that we know about the personal motivations and experiences of the man that is leading us. I have no problem with this line of questioning. But, at times, some of it was a bit grating and over familiar. Did we really need to know how he proposed to Sarah on the beach in Fife? I don’t think so.

Still, from a Labour perspective this was good stuff and even if Brown makes only a tentative connection with voters as a result of it, this might open up some space for people to listen to him about Labour's policies.

Cynical metropolitan media hacks may well deride this but the normal person in the street will have seen a different side to Brown. It will be interesting to see whether Cameron is forced to do his own version of this in the next few weeks.

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Ashley Giles said...

I loved it when Gordon admitted to "waiting in the car while Sarah went in to the supermarket". You can picture Gordon playing with the buttons on the air conditioning system while he was waiting...

Ash Giles