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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Return of Tony Blair

The decision to bring Tony Blair back for the election campaign is a good move by the Labour Party.

His speech today to Trimdon Labour club was a reminder of just how good he is. It had a narrative and a coherent argument. It set out clearly the choice facing the electorate and managed to convincingly attack the Tory philosophy without descending into a personal attack on Cameron and Osborne, which would have been inappropriate for a former prime minister.

I thought his best line was about needing "certain leadership in uncertain times".

Some people will argue that the move is risky because it reminds voters of Iraq and has the potential to show up the presentational failures of Brown.

But I think the pros outweigh the cons.

If Blair is used judiciously and effectively in the campaign he could be a real asset with party members and marginal voters in the swing constituencies.

We forget that Blair left office with very high ratings amongst Labour supporters, 89 per cent of whom rated him as a good prime minister overall. The same was said by 61 per cent of the electorate. Clearly, there were voters who still liked Blair until the very end. And probably still do.

I reckon his return will help stem the tide of voters who have, until recently, been drifting to Cameron and give Labour Party members a boost before the campaign proper begins next week.

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