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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

We're off

I'll be taking a break from my blog for a few weeks, as I go to work for the Party in the North West during the General Election campaign.

But before I go I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the next few weeks.

Although some polls currently put the Tories 10 points ahead, you never know what wildcards or upsets might happen during a campaign. The big unknown is the impact the televised leadership debates will have. I would be willing to bet that Brown, when he gets the chance to speak directly to the British public, will do better than many commentators predict. Serious and substantial, he will stand in sharp contrast to lightweight Clegg and plastic Cameron.

I also think Labour has a much more compelling message to tell on the economy which will dominate the campaign. I think people will gradually see through last week's Tory announcement on National Insurance tax cuts. A policy like that can only be funded by hiking VAT, hurting ordinary people the most. We need to sustain the economic recovery, not undermine it with severe spending cuts which would harm our public services and increase unemployment. This is the Labour message from now until polling day.

I think just getting voters to listen will be hard though. After the disappointments of the last five years and the expenses saga, many people on the doorstep are angry and disillusioned with all politicians. That is why it's important Labour's manifesto offers radical action to transform the way politics operates in this country. I hope there are bold plans for parliamentary and political reform which will help us regain voters' trust.

Good luck Labour candidates everywhere!


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